Bad news…

Hello to all of you incredibly loyal followers,
So you may have noticed that there haven’t been any updates in over a year. Unfortunately, as you who are active on the forums might know, Aldric and the rest of the staff have lost funding for the game. Their investor decided to leave, and without funding, the official mods and all the graphic artists left. Without them, WW can’t be the thriving community it once was. So stay loyal to WW, because all we can do is hope that some awesome, amazing, fantastic person decides to invest in WW.
Stay Awesome,

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Hi guys! Codemaster here! On Wiglington and Wenks, Log in and Say “Happy Halloween!” To everyone you see! There are Loads of decorations! Here’s a pic:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Notice how they rebuilt the HOF? They also rebuilt the AirBub. They also have the 15 top donors! Sadly I was poor so I couldn’t Donate. CONGRATS TO THE TOP 15!

That’s All!


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Hey guys! Cheez here, with some (rather late) news. The items from the Hall of Fame have been found, and they need YOUR help to get them! Here are pics of the items:

Each of these pictures shows a place to find one of the items. On some of the items, you might notice that it gives you a word. Pay attention to these, because after you find all of the items, you can go to the Pirate Bank and click on the lock on one of the treasure chests.

This should pop up if you have found all the items. If this doesn’t pop up, chances are that you’ve missed an item. The code is:

Once you type that in, you get:

After you complete the mission, you get a prize for your island!

A mini replica of the Hall Of Fame!

UPDATE: Wenks has set up a tent to help get the HOF up and running! If you talk to her, you can donate some rollars to the disaster fund and help fix the HOF!

And last but not least, the Airbub has been popped! That’s right, Count has burnt the STC Stand and popped the airbub. The temporary portal is in the Wax Museum. It’s the stand that Zecky is standing by.

And I end this post with a picture of the Golden Ninja costume that was awarded as a prize to the 3 winners of the Why am I a Gold Medalist contest.




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Count Cannaregio strikes again! …Again!

Hey guys, Cheez here, with some bad news. The Hall Of Fame has been burnt to the ground! While Wiglington and Wenks were working on fixing the homepage, the Hall of Fame was burnt and most of the valuable artifacts were stolen! What could this mean? Who did this? And where did Sir Ordy Nancy go now that the HOF is gone? All we know is that the Hall of Fame now looks like this:

Notice that the sign now says “Hall of Flame”. Very funny Count. If you click on the notice that stands in front of the charred rubble, this pops up:

Now if you look closely, you will notice an apple core by the remains of the HOF. Now to recap: Batty Berry disappears, and coincidentally, the pile of apple cores, which happen to be his favorite food, lead to the Amazon, where a man with a fake passport who looks like Count is selling bats, which are the same species as Batty and Fruba. Later, a series of vandalisms occur, each one with an apple core found by it. Coincidence? …Absolutely! It’s not like Batty had anything to do with it! And as I end this post, I end it with a question.

How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?



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Count Cannaregio strikes again!

Hey guys! Cheez here, with some bad news. Count Cannaregio, as promised in the news a few issues ago, has vandalized the WW homepage! See for yourself:

If you look closely, you will see that right before the whole “WW DOMINATION!!!!!!111!!!SHIFTONE!1!!!!UNO!!!!FIRST!!!!” thing, there is a note (You can’t see the whole thing in my picture, my browser window doesn’t show the whole thing and I can’t move the screen). When clicked on, it says:

Well… that’s all I have to say for now. Oh wait! I have just found out where the sneak peek of Mars came from, and as it turns out, there’s also a whole lot more locations waiting to be released! But if you do know where to find them, you might notice something odd about some of the characters. Some of them don’t look quite like WW Characters, and some even have special actions that aren’t currently possible. I’ll give you a hint, but it will only make sense while the main page looks like it does right now. When it goes back to normal, look at the image above to help with the hint.

THE HINT IS… *drumroll* 8)

See if you can figure it out!

….Well bai!

*uses spray paint cans to fly away*


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Many many new things!

Hello! It’s Cheez here, with a whole lot of updates! But before I begin, I’d just like to say that I’m sorry that I haven’t been on in a while, but ever since school started, I’ve been really busy. Now, back to the news!

First off, Batty Berry is missing! There are posters all over the world that say “Batty Berry is missing!”, so even if you missed the ones all over WW Town, it’s pretty easy to notice. A few days later, Fruba left to go look for Batty, and as a result, with no one to watch it, the STC Squad booth is temporarily closed. Also, starting on the date when Batty disappeared, and ending on September 5, a mysterious person carrying a fake WW passport called “The Trader” has been in the Amazon, selling bat pets. He can no longer be found, but if you just happened to be lounging around the River Raft game, you might have seen him pop up out of the bushes. On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, the pile of apple cores seen by the STC Stand when Batty disappeared lead straight to the Amazon, where the Trader was selling bat pets that are coincidentally the same species as Batty and Fruba. And now for a word from our sponsors: This post has been paid (and we didn’t bribe the author in any way whatsoever) by the Super Cool Amazing Movement (SCAM) and it’s founder, Can A. Reggy! Our mission is to make sure you know that the Trader’s uncanny resemblance to Count Cannaregio is purely a coincidence! Really! It is!

Anyway… In other news, a new location is coming soon! MARS! For the full details, go to to find out the full news!

And in even MORE news, there are now new glasses styles and new helmets! The glasses are in Mega Costumes for members only, and the helmets are sold in the future portal!

Now, since I’m too lazy to post the pictures one by one, I’m going to put them here in no particular order.

Well, I’m gonna end this with a little question.

Why is it that when I wind up my watch, it starts, but when I wind up this post, it ends?



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Hey everybody! Im back! its nice talking to you! bye!

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Hey everyone! Cheez here, with MEGA updates! To celebrate YOG, which is like the Singapore Olympics for teens, the staff has released TONS of new stuff! First, the costumes. In Mega Costumes, you can find a bunch of limited-edition sporty costumes!

Wow! And that’s not all! There’s a new quest in action! When you log into Wiglington Town, you see a sign that says…

If you go to Singapore you see this!

Your quest is to find the seven coins scattered around WW! For the following, I give credit to Loody and Henry’s blog at

because without it, I would have never even come close to finding the coins. The locations are:

Each of these pictures shows where you can find a coin. Every time you click on one, it should show something like this:

Each coin has a different symbol on it, and together they spell Y-O-G-2-0-1-0. Also, here’s a little hint that Zecky gives us at the Portal Test Station.

When you collect all the coins, this message shows:

The costume will show up in your inventory, and it looks like this:

Well, that’s all for now! See ya next time, on:

…The next post.


*karate chops camera*


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It’s back! And…

Hi everyone! Cheez here! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been really busy. Anyway, this is a little late, but the fountain is back! And now, there’s a nice little plaque next to it describing all about the STC Squad’s valiant and noble efforts to help bring back the fountain.

Also, there are new cowboy Super Costumes! Found in The Grand Canyon, USA, they cost exactly 3000 credits each. When the Super Action button is pressed, your cowboy does a little dance and spins his lasso!

I’m also pleased to say that ever since the Portal Station came out, the staff seems to be making more and more things available to non-members, such as the caveman costume.

On a rather sad note, the staff has changed the scoring system in Balloon Warz, making it much harder to get rollars from there, as many people were using multiple accounts to get rich quick. The news (which is being sent out in mini-newspapers for a while, because they only need a full sized newspaper when they have enough news to fill it) says that there’s a default amount given out for each round length, but I really can”t figure the system out, because when i got 2500 points in 1 minute I got 50 rollars, but when I got 100 points in 3 minute i got 10 rollars. One thing that our awesome people that inhabit WW have discovered is that if you exit before it reaches 10, you get the same amount of rollars that you would have gotten before, so if you want a good amount of rollars, you have to exit before the countdown reaches 10. *takes deep breath* Well, that’s all for now!


*square dances away*

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Hello people!

Im Back in buisness! guess who it is!


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Not again…

EDIT: The fountain has been found! In the black room, above the LOG book (the explorer book) is the fountain!

Thanks to Astazertix for showing me where it was.

Once you find it, you get the second STC Squad badge.

Count’s spies have spotted you finding the fountain the first time, and now it’s been moved. There are three new clues, and as of now, NO ONE in WW has found the new location of the fountain. The clues are:

“They Just Got The First One Right Because Of The Landmarks! Too Many Landmarks!”

“A black spot above a log”

“You don’t even need to bury it… Just hide it… No one will see anything”


*flows away*

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Do ya wanna scuba?

Well, scuba’s no fun without a tan… the color of the sun? *Changes subject* Ok then! Well, non-members can, for a very, VERY, VERY limited time, get a tan and their hair done up all special! Go to Australia, and you see…

The blonde one on the left is the hair lady, and the one on the right with the tan is the tanning lady.


*surfs away*

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New badge for Staff!

Staff have now had an update and it now says Super Moderator instead of Staff Moderator! Its a mini update, but it’s still cool!


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You are about to enter Wonderland… or not…

The Portal Test Station is out! In the “Special” location section of the map… you can find…

And when you get there…

And this place looks like…

And those doors lead too…

And in Ancient China you can find…

And the final part of STC Squad Mission 1 is out!

Cheez Hint #1: The notes are in the 3 middle portals.

Cheez Hint #s 2, 3, and 4:


Cheez Hint #5: I like to move it move it!

And when you find the statue, you get this!

Thank you for watching Cheez Pics.



*follows Count*

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Welcome back to… THE FRANK AND TOASTER SHOW! I’m Frank! And I’m a toaster, and YOU’RE DELUSIONAL! In this special episode, we look at the new Wushu Super Costumes, which surround you with light and then pop you up high! Just like me! Shut up, toaster. You meanie! Yeah, whatever. Whoo! Shoe!

In other news, I.. *argh* *gargle* *pffft*

And that’s what you get when you mess with the toaster. Anyway, there’s a mini issue of WW Times out, not really an official one, just here to take the place for a few hours. The main thing it says is that Mission 1 of the STC Squad was a success *sticks tongue out at modlums* and Mission 2 will be coming soon. Wheeee! Well, bai!

-Toaster out.

*burns to an even crisp*

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Chinese Suits!

Hey pplz! Cheezburger here with an imaginative post title! In other news, Chinese robes are now available in Mega Costumes! They are all 2000 credits each, and even more for members. The non member costumes come in blue, white, yellow, black, green, and red!  For a picture of all of the robes, member and non, go to , a blog maintained by Shadowscythe!



*swooshes cape and disappears*

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STC Squad Mission 1!!!

Hey pplz! Cheez here to tell you that Mission 1 is out!!! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take a screenshot of Count, record the date and time in WW time, and send it to If 50 emails are received, they will have enough information to guess where the fountain could be. The screenshot:
1. Should not be posted anywhere else but in the email.
2. MUST be from the month of June.
3. Must be taken by you, not someone else.
Good luck!
*dissapears in a flash of light*

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Sneek Peak!

It’s Cheez, with major news! This title is misspelled! In other news, Jam posted this on his blog.

What could this mean? Is it a new pet? A new character? We’ll have to wait and see!

Cyz l8r,



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STC Squad is IN DA HOUSE!!!1!11!!ONE!1!!

Hey pplz! It’s Official STC Squad Agent Cheez here, and I made that name up! In other news, the STC Squad is up and running! Also, the official sites have been announced!

Where Fruba used to be arguing with Batty Barry about something or other and whatnot, now she runs the STC Squad Enrollment Stand!

You have to take a quiz to make sure you know about the enemy. The quiz will be occasionally updated, but here ae the current answers. A is the first answer, B is the second, and C is the third.

Answers to STC Squad quiz:

Number 1: What is the enemy’s name?

C. Count Cannaregio

Number 2: What do you call Count’s evil followers who have Mod powers?

A. Modlums

Number 3: How did Count and his army get Mod powers?

C. By stealing a Mod handbook.

Number 4: Who created the STC Squad?

A. Wiglington and Wenks.

Number 5: When you see Count, what should you do?

A. Remain calm and spy on him.

Number 6: What is the job of an STC Squad member?

B. Track Count.

When you finish, you get this message:

And this hat!


-STC Squad Secret Agent CheezOO.

*Doobe Doobe Do Ba Doobe Doobe Do Ba AGENT CCCC!*

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STC Squad news!

Hi! Cheez here, with some top-secret info about the STC Squad! The site is out- but it’s a secret! Here’s some info about what’s coming soon.

Nice huh? So Fruba’s gonna interview us? We here at TheWWTeam will post the answers to the test and update it regularly… once it comes out. Anyway, the STC Squad gets exclusive items, cool gadgets, and secret missions! Can’t wait!


Agent Cheez

*grapples away*

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Ye knight in shining armour!

Hallo Pplz! Cheez here, to tell you that your knight in shining armor has arrived! Knight costumes have been added to Mega Costumes. The knight costumes are the only thing that shows up in the list, because since the list was getting too full, the team decided to take out the rest. Don’t worry, the ninja costumes and all the others will be available when the locations come out! For the last two days, the game has stopped at “Loading Gateways…”. It turns out that this was because they were adding these!

Thankfully, there are NO member only ones! HURRAY! GO WW! The costumes are 2000 credits each.

Au revoir!

-A la Cheez

*gallops away*

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Count Cannaregio strikes again!

Oh no! Count Cannaregio has sabotaged the newspaper! The WW Team left us a note:

The Count apparently doesn’t like the STC! (Stop the Count, why wouldn’t he like that?) Oh, and this is Cheez. XD



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Hi all! On the forum, Edrienne made a post called Busy and away!

Here’s what it says:

Hi Guys, I’m going to be extraordinarily busy on other work stuff aside from WW for the rest of the week so I won’t be able to log in much or maybe, not be able to log in at all.

So I’ll be away, unresponsive to PMs, visitors’ messages and any tweets. Yes, I might not even be able to go on twitter.

See you after a few days.

Keep Traveling! And be good.

and at the end she put this S-T-C Squad pic:

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Hallo pplz! Cheez here with some fresh news! THE NEWSPAPER!

Here’s some highlights:

And even more exciting, Jezz’s Hair Salon is out! Found in the Traveler’s Tree, here’s what you see! (Thanks to Coconut for these pics)

More coming soon,



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Sorry guys!

Sorry for not being on the internet for a while! I didn’t have the internet for 5 weeks! So anyways I’m back ‘n’ posting on the blog, playin’ on the game and the forum.

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Hey guys! Cheez here, and this is my third attempt at posting this! Furniture for islands is out, and it is member only.

…Oh, forget this. I can’t upload all these pictures. Oh, is this still on? *gulp*

…I’m leaving it up to you to find out the rest! Now, Wiglington and Wenks have built a portal. When you go to the Amazon, you find a polluted wasteland in 2030, what will happen if pollution doesn’t stop. By the Big Tree, you can find the Save the Earth project, along with the Earth Balloon, put there by Carto Wiglington.

And … *gasp* Count has stolen the fountain! THE is serving as a backup fountain, but you can see the Count’s note standing nearby.



*turns off telephone*

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This is a title.

Hey guys! It’s Cheez here, with titles block! Anyway, now that my awesome title is over, time for the updates!

1. The new WW Newspaper is out! Here’s an interesting development:

*dramatic music blares*


And here we see Loody valiantly attacking the Modlum!

Loody! Use PM Laser! *ZAP* Its super effective! The wild Modlum fainted! You gained 200 EXP! You gained 5000 gold! Level up!

Anyhoo, late this night, I learned of a special development! Headphones! And lots of em! Stefan’s selling them in the UK, and there are three styles and tons of colors.

Basic (700 credits, one is 7000 rollars):

Stylish (800 credits, one is 8000 rollars):

and Awesome (1200 credits):

How can you resist? Buy them now!




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Lounges and Caveman and Gumballs O MY!

Hey pplz! It’s Cheez here, with some fantabulous updates!
First off, the Travelers Tree Secret Lounges are open! For 5 days only, the public can access the secret lounges of the Mods, Party Masters and WW Reporters are open to the public!
Second, the new Caveman Costumes are out! They:
1. Are found in Mega Costumes in Singapore,
2. Have no special action, and,
3. Are member only.
The third point makes me mad, as these are some great costumes and I want one.

Here’s some pics:

Unga. Unga squog.

Ugg. Ugg oo blugga.

Jug jug bum grargh.

Also, not sure how long this has been but previously, when I clicked on Stefan in MC, therw was no shop button for non members, while now there is.
And about the gumdrops, I just needed a title.

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Traveler’s Tree Is Here!

Guess what this post is about? That’s right! Platypuses! …or platypi. Or platypeople.
Just kidding! The Traveler’s Tree is out, and non members have access to it for a month! Starting April 14 and lasting for mere days, the secret lounges (Mod, Party Master, and WW Reporter) will be available to the public! It is listed under Special Locations on the map.

Once you get there, you’ll see this.

If you explore, you can find the Mod and Party Master rooms, but the three secret lounges are still closed. Here’s some pics of the Tree:

Also, see that woman in red? She is the tanning woman, available for all your tanning needs! For 5000 rollars she will give you a normal tan of your choice, but for 500 credits, you can get a premium tan that allows you to choose from the full visible spectrum of colors!

Well, I gtg!

*goes to school*

Whoops! I mean…

*goes to Traveler Tree*

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Travellers Tree!

Hi yall, the awesomest place in the history of Special Locations is here! The Travellers Tree! Its so awesome, and to find it,all you have to do is select Travel one clicking Zecky and it is beside WW Town! Its so awesome, and because it is so awesome, I will let you explore! But there are three rooms that I don’t think anyone but Reporters, mods, and Party Masters can access so here is a pic of one of them!

This tree is only available for non-members for a limited time, so enjoy it while you can! Have fun exploring! Members can visit it any time they want and Mods, Party Masters and Reporters can visit because of their special passports! Like me! 😀


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Happy Easter!

The WW Team wants to wish you all a Happy Easter!
Have a super day,
-Cheezburger and the rest of The WW Team!
*turns into egg*

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Hey guys! I have the greatest news! I’M A MOD! YES!

And to keep up with the latest gossip… PERcY’s a SHE?

Woah nowai!



Today is April Fools Day on WW, and the mods have gone all-out!

Not only are us people mods and the mods are people, but there are some differences in the mod’s genders! It is chosen randomly when you log on whether you will look like a mod or PM, but you will always look the same (mod or PM) on your screen, while you may look different on other people’s screens. Anyhoo, back to the pics.

On a completely random note, Google has changed its name to Topeka!

Well I gtg chat with my mod friends.

Cyall L8r,


*cartwheels away, it’s April Fools Day!*

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I would Like to say thank you!

I would like to say thank you to all the members of the WW Team for all their hard work!

Short post out,


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More Easter updates!

Hey guys! It’s Cheezy here, with some exciting Easter updates!

Before I begin, I would like to make an important announcement. Yesterday, as I was talking about how I’ve never seen this one person, he appeared! It was…


He went on and on about WW domination, so I decided to sabotage him from the inside! I pretended to join him, while secretly working for the good of all W&W! So when he asked me to lift the fountain, I told him it was superglued. He might figure it out eventually, but for now, I think we’re good.

Now on to the Easter stuff.

You can now find Stefan and Jeffery (that explorer dude who sold the pets at Chinese New Year) in WW Town! This time, they are selling Easter pets and costumes!

There are 2 types of Easter costumes- bunny costumes and Easter eggs. The brown Egg costumes and Bunny costumes can be bought for rollars.

Then there are the pets. There are three types- eggs, bunnies, and flying bunnies (they use their ears as wings!). The flying bunnies all cost rollars, as do the red bunny and brown egg, but the flying ones are for members only.


If you’re a member (which I will take the time to remind you that I’m not) you can click on

Mr. Floppy Bunny, and you can get him for free!

Also, the egg hunt has started! Here’s a poem to help you get started:

The egg hunt has come around!

One or more in every location allowed

Seven in all

Don’t let them fall!

No eggs are in Wiglington Town!

Thank you for listening to: Horrible Poetry, by Cheez Burger.

Ok fine. I’ll tell you. Just please stop pathetically begging.

The eggs are:

1. On top of the chief’s tent in the Indians’ section, USA.

2. In the shooting range in the cowboys’ section, USA.

3. In the MALF room, by the giraffe, Madagascar.

4. In the bushes by the three way room (shop, conservation room and tree all lead here), Brazil.

5.In the rocks that hold up the Airbub, GBR.

6. In the Fort Cannon temple thing, in the bushes in the lower left side, Singapore.

7. In the upper left hand corner, there are lots of lumpy thingies that make up the palace. Look for an egg among there, UK.

You can also find Jack (in) the Box and the Easter Bunny! Once found, they will both give you items for your island!

Jack: In Fashion shop, Madagascar.

EB: In the bushes outside the boat, GBR.



*dissapears in chocolasplosion*

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So… Much… New… Stuff…

Hey guys! It’s Mr. Cheez here with some awesome updates and news!

NEWSFLASH NUMERO UNO: Aldric’s back! He posted a post saying how much he appreciates all of us!

NEWSFLASH NUMBER TWO: The new WW Fairy Godmother program has been started! Starting in April and in each following month, 6 WW players who log on regularly will be randomly selected to win $5 worth of WW Credits!

NEWSFLASH NUMBER TWA: Easter Easter Easter! New Easter decorations are out! Here’s what WW Town looks like.

Unfortunately, I also have some bad news. Count Cannaregio was spotted in front of Carto’s Fountain saying that after Easter, he wil STEAL THE FOUNTAIN! Rumors have been flying around. Some say that there will be a secret passageway underneath it!

NEWSFLASH NUMBER 4: The latest issue of the WW Times, the official WW Newspaper, is out! Apparently, Count is going to sell the fountain to create Modlums! These “Modlums” are an army of FAKE MODS! THE HORROR! WHAT WILL WE DO?

Cliffhanger ending are kewl,

-Mister Cheezbinger

*stares awkwardly into audience*

What did you expect? It’s hard coming up with dramatic endings.

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New Explorer Costumes!

Hey guys! Cheez here, with some exciting news! In De Style, there are now some Explorer Super costumes! They cost 3500 credits, and the action is a whip.

Here’s a pic of Tarheels and his new costume!

Well, I got to go.


*insert exit here*

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New Servers!

Hey guys! When you log on to W&W, the server page is updated, new look, new servers, etcetera, etcetera, et-ce-ter-A! Here’s the new look:

TA-DA! New servers: Count, Fruba, and Batty Berry! Wonder if these will soon be as popular as old Wiggy?

Well bye!



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Ignore Button!

Hey guys! There’s a new feature on W&W, handy for us players who encounter those rude people, spammers, and more! Announcing…. *drumroll*…


When you click on a player card, you can now find an ignore button! It has replaced the island button (which did absolutely nothing in any way).

If you are friends with someone, you can’t ignore them, and vice versa. When you click on your friends list, right next to the happy face is the ignore face.

When someone is in your ignore list, their talking doesn’t show up in your screen.

(BTW, I didn’t actually ignore zone, I clicked no.) Poor smiley… an X for a mouth. XD

Well, I gtg.



*runs away screaming*

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Cool update!

Now WW changed the log in screen and put a picture of Carto and when you click on him it teleports you to C.M.P! (Carto’s Magic Maps)

Here’s a pic of it!


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Glasses! And more glasses!

Hey guys! It’s Cheez here with a new update! In Madagascar, you  can find new glasses in the clothing store! They all cost 1000 credits.

EDIT: Now there are 2 more pairs of glasses! One is pink and one is blue! And what’s more, you can buy the blue ones for 5000 ROLLARS!

That’s all for now,


*flies away*

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Chroniclers of the Week

My week has been very good so far there have been lots of people hanging around in the town! and there has been alot of partying! I have been helping people out with there quests and welcoming new friends.There have been some reports of Carto Wiglington! I wonder where he will turn up next!

-Partykid! I will update through out the week!

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Party winners!

Hey everyone! I went to the (seemingly nightly) party on Wenks today! Loody and Susie randomly chose two winners of a Loch Ness Baby! Congrats Codemaster (who WORKS here!) and Berry! And now, a special episode of “Mods”! Starring Edri and Aldric!

Also, please welcome….



Anyway, one last thing or two.

ONE LAST THING! STOP RUNNING! Thanks to PABlO, I now know that the new Golden Walking Loch Ness Baby Pet is coming soon!

Well, ttfn!


*falls down hole*

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Do you like the new Look of TheWWTeam?

Please vote to tell us how much you like the look of TheWWTeam!

Happy ~ Voting!


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Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting much here at TheWWTeam, I’ve been too busy entertaining myself with my buddies. But I’ll surely be posting way more than usual just for a little apology. 😛


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Capes Are Out!

Capes are now out for Credits!

Sorry i can’t post a picture Because I am a non-member!

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Cuz I’m a ninja! Nin-ninja! Ninja! Nin-ninja!

Hey everyone! Guess what? It’s Cheez with an AMAZING update! Remember the ninja costumes? THEY’RE OUT! I went on W&W today and asked my friend Asta, “Anything new?” She replied by throwing a marble on the floor and disappearing in a puff of smoke.

….I think that’s a yes. XD

I cant show you all a pic, since I’m not a member, but you can find it in Mega Costumes.


The Cheez Ninja

*runs away*

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Hey guys! It’s Cheezburger, with a sneak peek of Ninja 2.0!

Cheeyong showed this to us. The ninja throws a thing that looks like a black water balloon on the ground, which explodes in a puff of smoke. The ninja disappears. Then, smoke comes from the ground, turning the ninja visible again.

Cool, huh? Anyway, that’s all for now!

Cya later,


*takes Chee’s ninja costume and disappears*

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Count and Wenks spotted!

I was chillaxing with my friends yesterday when we saw Wenks appear and disappear in the room! Then Count came into Town and started saying “Where is WW?”, “WW Domoination!”, “Stop following me!” He had a mask on and had a picture of Count’s face! It must have been him but when you clicked it you just got his playercard! This is real and as Aldric said, he is being controlled by someone! This is awesome and I hope to see more poeple from the game come!

Here are some pics of the encounter!


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Count Cannaregio News!

Hey everyone! It’s Cheez, with some news concerning Count Cannaregio from Aldric.

WHAT? THIS IS HISTORY PEOPLE! Make a note of this! Who will be controlling Count Cannaregio? What could this mean?

Cliffhangers are fun,


*falls off cliff*

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News from Codemaster!

I am new to Minimonos!

My name on it is Codemaster!

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Bucket head! ;)

This is awesome, as you may have seen, Cheeyong has been wearing those buckets on his head and some cool Helmets! Now you can buy them at the De’Style shop! Awesome! The buckets are for rollars and credits are for the helmets and viking helmets! This is so cool, if only I had saved up and bought a viking helmet! 😦 Have fun wearing your new items!


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New room!

Awesome news! That sneak peak is of a new room, and it is out! I went there, with help from Tanu, and its so awesome! You can buy any pet released in WW, except for Christmas ones! Here’s some pics of it, and here’s a hint, Smiling pets play nearby and location of trees and music, to get there, some clothes you must buy, and you will find the path leading there nearby! Look for an Orchard full of clothes, and there the secret you will know!


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Sorry Guys…

Hey everyone,
I may not be on for a while. There’s horrible weather at my house, and my internet doesn’t work. I can make posts from my phone and check new ones, but I can’t go on W&W to take pics. If you see me on there, either the weather stopped or I’m at my grandparents.

EDIT: The sun is starting to shine! I’ll try our Internet soon, for now our neighbor is lending a hand (and an interwebz) so I’m on the internet now, but I’m not switching yet in case ours doesn’t work. Anyway, here’s some pics of the new Mod Clothes, starring Galen!

Funny eyes. XD

Did you know that when a mod in the mod mask giggles, their shirt flashes?

IDK why I took this. XD

Mouth. Funny. Period. ..

…And here’s Galen as a cop!
Ta Ta For Now,
Blackberry and Cheezburger

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new paper

New news paper! NEW NEWSPAPER!


1)Big Ben Starts Ticking!

2) WW celebrates CNY!

3) Black and white rooms!

4)Features Updates!

5) New costumes!

6) WW contest site!

7-8) Meet the staff!

9) Help Haiti Update!

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Inviting people over!

Hey travelers!

Awesome news! You are now able to invite people to your island! 😀 You just click on your buddy list and click the symbol, I think! I haven’t tried it out yet but it sounds awesome! Hope you have fun holding your own island parties! 🙂


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New items for mods, reporters and party masters!

Hey travelers!

Awesome news! Party masters, Moderators and WW Reporters will each be getting special items to recognise who they are! WW Reporter will be getting sunglasses! Party Masters will be getting little hats! and Moderators will get Police uniforms and trainees will get scout ones! They are pretty smoove! Even I’m getting one!


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I did an interview with Cedrico and this is what he said……..

What’s it like being a mod?
“It is possibly the coolest thing I have ever done . Being a mod comes with great responsibilities though. It can get kinda busy at times but the satisfaction outweighs the work.”

What do you like about WW?
“I have always felt that the special thing about WW is its community. We have wonderful players. I have expressed my gratitude in most of the posts I make or in the pms that I get and I am always sincere about it. I am really awe struck at the faith you guys have placed in us especially with the recent going-ons. I can promise you though that WW has weathered through worse and it is all part of a growing process for WW. Whatever doesn’t put us down makes us stronger!”

Do you have a blog? If so, what is it called?
“Sadly I don’t have one at the moment. It is ranked top 5 on my ‘to do’ list though : )”

What do you like about being a mod?
“I like the fact that I can help others. Whenever I resolve a problem or stamp out a potential threat, I feel happy because I have in one way or another helped or protected WW fans and you guys SURE DO reciprocate.”

How often do you go on WW?
“I would say at least 5 times per week right now although you can be sure that I would have preferred to be online 24/7.”

“I would like to add something here.
To all WW fans out there. The support you gave and faith you have placed in us has, is and will never be taken for granted.”

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Put Your Hands Behind Your Back!

Hey guys! It’s Cheezburger here with a sneak peek of what’s to come! When Cheeyong came on today, we all saw him wearing this:

Yup, Cheeyong is a cop now!



*disappears in puff of smoke*

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Massive Party-gathering!

Hey everybody! This is partykid speaking! We are having a massive party-gathering on the 27th of February at 3.00 pm Wiglington time at the town, on the Wiglington server!  We will be playing lots of games, such as Simon Says and so much more! I am setting a challenge for all of you! I want as many people as we can fit in the town, so be sure to come! You dont want to miss it!

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An Awesome Pic I found!

I got this from Wiglington Secrets! Like it? It was after mods got picked but before Party Masters got picked!!

I got it from Wiglington Secrets!


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Hi! I’m new to here and my name is codemaster! If you see me, say hi and I will add you!

This is my first ever blog post! I play WW everyday!

So here is a cheat: To get on the walls/roof, you go to the Great Wall balloon warz arena and go on the stairs. Then, you click the blue X. TA DA! You are on the roof!

This is a pic of my signature Coconut made 4 me!

I hope the hacking gets sorted out!


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Hey guys! It’s Cheezburger, with the latest and greatest updates! Woah, look at the time! It’s time foooooorrrrrr….dot……..dotdot…..


Yep, Big Ben, located in scenic London, is out! You can buy Nessies, flying metal grebos, and buy some Londinian culture with Stefan!

Now, back to business.

Sometimes, when you arrive, you will see the… LOCH NESS MONSTAH!

Whoops, false alarm. It’s Bessie, her daughter! She will appear in the River Thames. If you have a MALF, she will let you buy one of her (apparently THOUSANDS considering the number I’ve seen) babies! Some even fly! (How does that help underwater? Wouldn’t their wings get soggy?) Anyway, here’s some pics.

You can also find flying metal grebos! You can tell the difference by the small metal ball orbiting their heads. Unfortunately, these are found in the members only room in the Big Ben, so I can’t show any pics of how to buy them. I can show you, however, the electrifying goodness of these pets around the world!

They come in blue, grey, yellow, and red! Also, Stefan is selling some classy hats and kilts outside!

For each set of clothing, one item can be bought for 5000 rollars, while the rest can be bought for 500 credits!

Also, I have heard that in the members-only room, Galileo decided to stop by! If you’re a member, check it out!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Just get to the point! Where’s the quest?” Well, if you go up to the highest point of the tallest tower, you may find Quasimodo! He doesn’t remember a thing about himself, so it’s up to YOU to find his bells!

UPDATE: There are some hackers still going around, so on the forums, all new accounts will have to go through a special screening process before being allowed to post. Also, private messaging has been taken away except for mods and people who need it to resolve this problem. I’m sure this is temporary, so don’t panic!

Me see you later,


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Hey everyone. Bad news. The W&W forum has been… HACKED! *gasp* A person known as imahacker has made several posts with the titles of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This may not seem bad, but the mods have just fixed the huge amount of damage he did when he hacked… THE WW REPORTERS BLOG! *gasp again* The mods say that they are close to solving this mystery of who this guy is, and I hope they’re right!

EDIT: Maybe this wont be all bad! At exactly 12:00 AM PT, Big Ben will be released! It will have the Loch Ness Babies AND a special new members only pet called…

Drat, Aldric stole my thunder. Anyway, according to Aldric, they have found the hacking culprit, but they aren’t naming anyone.

Hope this gets sorted out

Cyall later,


*dissapears into computer*

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Mod Masks!

Hey pplz! It’s Cheezburger, here to show you a feature that mods seem to have! Most mods seem to have different types of faces than all of us. Here’s some pics:



Maybe this is a new type of avatar that will soon be available to everyone!

In other news, you can now purchase rollars! The costs are: $3.00 USD for 30,000 rollars, $5.oo USD for 60,000 rollars, and $10.00 USD for 150,000 rollars!

Also, I have heard from reliable sources that the Loch Ness Babies will beavailable to the public in about a week! Also, some people have received pics of sketches of a new location! Thanks to iDylan for the pics:

You can visit his blog at

Megapets? I heard something about a members only pet shop in a members only location, and since the members only clothing store is named Mega Costumes, I think this may be it!

That’s all for now,


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Happy Chinese New year!

Happy New Year for the Chinese and other people! I have some awesome news! Because of the downtime, WW gave us 1000 credits to spend on new hats! One problem is that you can only wear it with no costumes! 😦 To get your hats click on the man in between the Post Office and Henry’s Diner! Then you can choose whichever hat you want!! 😀

Here’s a pic of Asta with her pink Chines Good Luck hat!


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Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Wishing you luck and prosperity!)

Hey everyone! As it’s almost Chinese New year I recommend going to Wiglington Town and checking out the new pets! For members, click the flying pet beside the man and choose which colour you would like!

I bought a white walking one and found a green flying one! 😀

These pets are available to everyone and if you don’t know how to get credits go to the outside of  De’Style and Buy ‘N’ Island! A chinese- looking man (The Chinese New Year God) will come up behind the bushes on one of the sides of the screen so click him very fast! Once you click on him, you won’t see him again! You will get 500 credits and a Golden Ingot! Here’s a pic:

Once you have those credits click the man in Town and you can only buy the walking ones!

Here are the two I have!

You can get a total of 1500 free credits in all, 1000 from the Giving Back giveaway, and 500 from Mr. Chinese New Year Guy Something-or-Other!


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Hey pplz! It’s Da Cheez here with a new update! You can now invite friends to a balloon warz party!

How to do it:

1. Go to any Balloon Warz arena.

2. Open your friends list. Click on the icon next to the name of whoever you want to invite.

When you send it, it will appear on the other person’s screen, just to the right of the friend invitation icon.

If you get one, click on it and choose whether or not to accept it.


If a member invites you into a member room, you can go in! Here I am:

I’m not a member, yet here I am in the White  Room Arena!

This is awesome because it’s a ten-minute room, so I have more time to make mega rollars!


New update! Instead of doing that lengthy clicking process, just press the 1 key to shoot balloons and aim with your mouse! Thanks, creators! WOOT!

That’s all for now,


*Thomasy gobbles Cheezburger away*

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Party with theWWTeam!

Hello Quest Traveler!

Thomasy, Partykid, Coconut, Cheezburger and Ivan, are going to be holding a Party! Here is the Information..

Date: 2/13/2010
Time: 3:00 PM, Wiglington Time Zone
Server: Wenks
Place: Wiglington Town

We will hopefully be playing lots of Games, including Balloon Warz, Simon Says, and a Ton more of fun activities. We will also let some of you decide on which games to play, and at the end, we will hopefully give one Lucky person a Prize!

Thanks for Viewing the Information, I will put this in my Diary, and hope to see alot of Quest Travelers like you there!

*I also encourage everyone to make Parties some day ~ They can be alot of Fun*

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PrimaryGame’s Party! And…

Hey guys! I’m currently in PrimaryGame’s party that we were told about! Due to the server crash, it wasn’t exactly when it was meant to be, but here it is now! (If you can figure out what that means, tell me, because I don’t.) Anyway, here’s a few pics.

These are pics of us just having fun.

Ballonz were a big fun. We threw them at Cheeyong, Clown, and even PG!

Loch Ness Babies and Lions were given out. I didn’t win, sadly.

See the Egyptian in the center? That’s PG. She rocks at hosting parties! We even played tag! (Well, mostly “Find PG” because it was so crowded.)

Smile and say “pie” everyone!

And the winners for the Loch Ness Babies were…


Sonorus and Kinni!

What’s more, new Tiger Super Costumes have been added! Check dis out:

Thanks to PappyFlappy for this picture, and an awesome party! This guy throws great parties!

Here’s a pic of the action, courtesy of the Super Costume button!

Now, you think I’m done? Not even close. Because, the Ballon Warz Arenas have been modified! There are now 3 arenas for the general public and 6 for members! In addition, non members can choose between 1 minute and 3 minute games, while members also have the options of 5 and 10 minutes!

Last but not least, PG’s party is so awesome, the Wenks server is now full!

C’yall later,


*bursts into flames*

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Happy Birthday Mili!

I would like to say a Late Happy Birhtday to Gothgalmili… I was going to post some Pictures of her WW Party, but they somehow got Deleted.

I hope you had an Excellent Birthday!


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New member of wwteam!

Hey everybody! This is partykid speaking! I am the newest member of the wwteam!! I would like to say thanks to Thomasy for letting me join!! I love ww and I love helping out.

All The Best Partykid!

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WW back and running!

Well, they have redone the server and now everyone can go online to WW!

Hope you have fun and Happy Chinese New year!


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Sever under maintenance

Well, the mystery about the WW site crashing has now been solved! They are re-doing the server forum and will be available later! I might be wrong but here’s a pic of what it says when you try logging on! Hope I meet you all when WW Site is back and running! 🙂


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Something’s wrong…

Hey guys, it’s Cheezburger. I have some bad news- Wiglington and Wenks is down. We don’t know why, since all sites connected to Wiglington and Wenks are down too, meaning the forum and blog. Since around 6:30 last night, it was getting laggy, then at around 7:00, it crashed. Nothing would load, and now you get an error message when you try to go on. We probably won’t have any more updates until it gets back on track. So all us W&W lovers will have to do something else until W&W in back on the web. We’ll make sure to tell you when it’s back on.

See y’all later,


*disappears in cheezy explosion*

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Chinese New Year, Cool Pets, Monkey Costumes, and More!

Hi W&W players everywhere! It’s me Cheezburger, with a little bit of everything to talk about!

First, Wiglington and Wenks have gotten ready for the Chinese New year with a little decor!

There are also some new wiki items! Try to find all 5 hidden all over Wiglington Town!

In other news, there will be a party hosted by Primarygames this Sunday at 11:00 PT. There will be three pets given out that have not yet been released to the public!

Speaking of pets, mods and Primarygames have gotten new special pets!

That’s Nessie! Say hi!

But, there’s more! All existing members and all new members that sign up now will get these! They might not be there immediately, but look for them to be delivered to you in mid-February.

Isn’t he cute? I wouldn’t think he could fly if I didn’t see it myself!

In other news, there are now monkey costumes with… *drumroll* badabadabadabadabadabadaBOOM!


What? You don’t believe me?

… Do you believe me now?
So anyway, I just attended the most AWESOME party yet! …And I don’t even know who it was hosted by! Though I think it was PERcY and loodydooby. We all piled up on the roof,

made a Chinese New Year circle,

and did all sorts of crazy and wacky things!

…Does that disturb anyone else?… And how did he do that?

Anyway, that’s it for today! Remember, when in doubt, potato it!

Cyall later,


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Goodbye Party!

Hey travellers! I have some news! 😀 This Sunday there will be a Goodbye Party! Oh and, Goodbye Party means goodbye to Janruary and hello to Feburary! 🙂 It’s on Sunday 31st and it goes from 10am to 11am (Wiglington Time), the server is Wiglington and it is in Wiglington Town!

Hope you can all make it! Goodbye Party on Sunday!

See you there!


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Sneak Peeks!

Hi there fellow travellers! I have some awesome sneak peeks but if you don’t want to look skip this post! 😀

I was just blog surfing then I saw these awesome pics that Dakota had found! Thanks! Here they are! 🙂

It looks like there will be more pets to come on W&W and they look pretty sweet! My fav is the alien! Lol! 😉

And here are some new clothing that will firstly be available at Singapore, Mega Costumes then at the place where they were made! That motorcycle helmet look awesome!

Most of these will be for members so become a member and get loads of benefits! 🙂


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New Updates!

Hi everyone! It’s TheWWTeam, here to bring you the latest and greatest updates!

There are two new rooms for you to explore! For the first one, go to the Wax Museum in Wiglington Town. Click on the board under the statue of Wadpole the Whale:

You will be taken to the NEW White Room!

Yep, that’s the White Room! Now for the next room:

First go to the boat in Australia. You know that locked door? Well, don’t click on it, click right in front of it.

If you do it right, when you put your mouse there, you’ll see that red arrow. Click and TA-DA! You are in the NEW Black Room!

There is also the new BRB Button! When you click on it:

You go into a tent!

If you’re a member, you get the extra-special tent that used to be the loading screen!

Now, I’m sure many of you know about the horrible earthquake that struck Haiti. To help these people out, W&W has released a Help Haiti tent in Wiglington Town!

You can pay credits to buy a Help Haiti hat! All proceeds go to Haiti.

In one last announcement, the Party Masters have been announced! They will help make our parties fun and safe for everyone! They also have kewl purple name tags and speech bubbles!

Hope this helps you all, with all these new stuff! Until next time,


*swooshes cape around self and disappears*

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Pappy Party!

Hi guys! I just got back from PappyFlappy’s party and it ROCKED! Here’s some pics I took:

The traditional “line”- Somehow much more fun than it looks. Wonder what’s with that thing on the bottom…

A slightly less organized line.

The line has been reformed!

Another rare line- the Ice Cream Line!

Woah, I never knew I looked so much like Thomasy!

Let me explain. Pappy said, “Everyone say Pappy party!” The amazing results were that two people said it.

We decided to hang out with Ghandi and the rest of the MALF. THis made a total of two.

This is where we decided to wrap it up.

Thanks for the awesome party, Pappy!


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Party Pictures!

Hey WW fans everywhere! It’s Cheezburger, with pictures of just some of the AWESOME parties we had!

This is from when we all made a circle in Wiglington Town.

And the circle breaks up…

This is one of the traditions to parties- a line! And then there’s a different, rarer one…

CONGA LINE! Cool, huh?

This is my most recent picture as of now. Today, I got to hang out at Partychief’s awesome party! That guy is amazing! He hosted and successfully maintained the longest party I’ve seen!

So anyway, those are my party pics! See you all soon!


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Hello Travelers!

Hi! Welcome to The WW Team Blog!

This Blog is brought to you by Four Wiglington and Wenks Players, (Thomasy, Coconut, Ivan and Cheezburger), all of which have been blogging for a couple of years, and their job is to update you with the latest Cheats from Wiglington and Wenks, Tutorials, “WW” Videos, and much more helpful stuff.

We hope you like our blog and find it very useful.

~Thomasy ~Ivan ~Cheezburger ~Coconut

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